Established in 2005, the Tinja workshop embodies the extension of our dialogue with artisans from different regions. As the creative heart of our brand, it plays a vital role in our creative process and production methods.
      A team of artisans, specializing in unique finishing touches and assembly, gather here to infuse each piece with an extra touch of soul that we proudly emphasize. The t i n ja workshop is a space for experimentation and artistic reinterpretation, seamlessly blending traditional expertise with innovative techniques.
     We have artisans spread throughout the country, acting as satellite collaborators connected to our central atelier. Our collaborative process involves constant back-and-forth between the studio and these artisans, enabling us to co-create new designs.
      By maintaining control over the product finish and adding our distinctive touch, we proudly incorporate the t i n j a signature. This collaborative approach also fosters economic growth in the artisans’ respective regions, as they can establish their own workshops and organize their work effectively. 

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