Sea rush is a traditional material that has been used in Tunisia since centuries. It’s collected from the banks of the Mediterranean sea and the higher plains in the south during a short period of the year, then dried in the sun before being woven.
         The material is an important part of the Tunisian artisanal heritage and has been used to create functional and ornamental objects. T i n j a has decided to lift this traditional material out of its usual context and reinterpret it in innovative ways.
    By taking advantage of the specificities of rush, we have been able to create contemporary and constructivist pieces that showcase the versatility of this material.
       Filtered through the fiber of the rush, the light is dressed in golden reflections and reveals itself in a graphic play of shadows.
        The result is  a collection  of  lights that create a warm and  lively atmosphere in the space in which they are placed.

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