Sejnane pottery was the first inspiration for the t i n j a project.
     Situated between forests and the Mediterranean Sea, this craft is found in the Sejnane region in north-east Tunisia. The pottery technique is based on ancestral know-how dating back to the Neolithic period, and continues to be passed down from mother to daughter.
      Each piece   we create goes through   a long process that is carried out exclusively   by hand. The raw clay is first collected from local deposits, then shaped into lumps, crushed, purified and soaked before being kneaded and shaped. The resulting piece receives a surface finish after drying. Finally, it is fired in a traditional kiln buried in the ground.
     Once delivered to our workshop, it undergoes the final stages of finishing, coloring and ornamentation. This final stage, which we have perfected ourselves, is the t i n j a signature.

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