Our values

Protecting the transmission of know-how

        Since our beginnings, we have forged strong relationships with more than 20 small and medium-sized artisans across Tunisia. Our partners are carefully chosen for their unwavering commitment to the craft and their unique skills perfected from generation to generation. From the potters in the northwest to the communities of farmers providing olive wood, to the craftswomen in the south known for their work with sea rush, Tinja contributes to the economic sustainability of these men and women who represent the keystone of our approach.

Respecting nature

        Convinced of the possibility of coexistence between the arts and crafts and respect for nature, we pay special attention to the origin of the raw materials we select. Palm and olive wood from agriculture, entirely natural traditional

pottery and sea rush fibers make up the bulk of our collections and highlight the major importance of preserving these vital natural resources for the communities around us. Advocates of reasoned production, we campaign for the revaluation of natural materials and the recognition of their durability in order to raise awareness of the challenges that threaten the sustainability of artisanal creation.

Recycling waste

     “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed». This famous quote attributed to the chemist Antoine Lavoisier perfectly illustrates the infinite recycling possibilities in crafts.
     At t i n j a, all non-conforming or broken pieces are sent back to be reused. Reduced to powder, these «waste» materials become raw materials that artisans transform to create unique pieces.

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